All Best Games 2018

2017 year pleased us with exquisite games, 2018 year it will be even richer! In the top list selected the 25 best upcoming games of 2018, perhaps this is not all and if the developers will please us with new games, will be released then the second part of "all the best games of 2018".

Games of 2018 look modern - impressive graphics, plot, physics! And the usual genres like first-person shooters, strategy, horrors, MMORPG, open world or anime style promise to be something more!

For example, in "Crackdown 3" a playable character will be an actor Terry Crews, whom you also will see in the trailer of the game. Pay attention to the strategy "Iron Harvest 1920+" from the Polish artist Jakub Rozalski - his fighting machines and the atmosphere of world is very impressive. Special attention should be paid to the fans of the construction of robots on a big and hard project "D.R.O.N.E"! Fans GTA -style may be interested in a new open western world from studio "RockStars Games" - "Red Dead Redemption 2". In 2018, we'll get enough scary horrors, but perhaps the best will be "Hunt: Showdown" - a terrible game in which it is difficult to survive among monsters and other players! Anime fans should pay attention to such beautiful projects as "Ni No Kuni II: Revenant King", "Dragon Ball FighterZ", and "Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet". Anime games will be interesting for children, but young players can be recommended "Psychonauts 2", "Biomutant", "Spider-Man", "Lost Ember", "Shadow of the Colossu", "BioMutant" and "The Crew 2".

Most of the games will be available on all popular platforms - PS3, PS4 Pro, XOne, PC. But in some games, you can also play on operating systems Linux, Mac OS and Nintendo Switch game console.

Unfortunately, the exact release date for many games has not yet been assigned and we will have to wait for news from the developers. What games are you especially waiting, writing in the comments!