PUBG: Secret Loot

All Battleground players, know that for the victory need to get a good loot. And that this difficult - get a good loot at the beginning of the game.

In this video, I show my secret loot, which will give good weapons at the beginning of the game. This secret, very good help for young players, for which are dangerous play on zone, where have many good loot and of course pro players. In such places, get loot and stay alive, very difficult. On this video, you see, what i play on this zone and i lost my team.

Around, this a secret loot, that I show you, also have houses with a not bad loot and vehicles. And so, where this a secret loot?!

The secret loot in the Gatka zone. This is observatory, which has three floors. And your task, get to the top floor. Better to do this with, a parachute jump. If you can not, on the ground floor, you will find ordinary loot.

But you can also jump on this floor, on a motorbike. It's not easy and maybe you will need practice. You can not jump on the car, because they are not fast.

What you can get if you are on the third floor, look in this video. And dont forgot - it's loot only for "duo" match.