PUBG: How To Improve FPS

In the first lines, I want to say - this method works on 100%, on all video cards AMD or Nvidia, on weak or medium computers and laptops. And also recommended for the top computers - the developers officially recognized the poor optimization of the "Playerunknown's Battlegrounds", so on powerful computers the game can also slow down, lags, freezes or simply sag FPS.

Like all the players I spent a long time looking for optimization. I tried the methods offered on the forums and Youtube... But I did not get the expected result from the optimization and continued to play on the minimum settings. This method not only gave me the opportunity to play normally, but also significantly improved the quality of graphics in the game on my average iron level. I'm playing on iMac 27, 2013, Core i7, DDR: 16GB, GTX 780M/4GB, HDD 1TB/7200rpm.

Optimizing Windows and a computer for PUBG

You probably heard that the game is demanding to the good speed of the disc and many recommend for this game, only fast SSD.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is optimize the speed of access to the game files - this saves you from lags and a long load of textures in the game, you will also see that the game began to load much faster.

If you have a RAM of 16 gigabytes or more, turn off the paging file on all disks. Especially if you are a holder of SSD. Owners of low-volume DDR can also try this solution. This method helped not only me but also my friend.

To speed up file access, also defragment hard disk files (do not needin for SSD owners). If you have two disks, install the Windows operating system on one disk, the game on the second one - this will help to unload the disk and speed up the reading speed.

Of course, also do not forget other ways to optimize the disk and that running applications in Windows should be turned off for games - to free up more resources.

Optimizing CPU for PUBG in Steam

It will take a little adjustment of the steam. This setting forces all CPU cores to run for this game. This is very important, because this game is processor-dependent.

And so, open the Steam library. Choose a game, right-click on the first name game "PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS" and select "properties." Click on "set launch options" and enter into the "-USEALLAVAILABLECORES" window. Push "OK". It's very simple, but for the sake of convincing, see the screenshot below.

I know that many of you have seen more recommendations for setting a steam, but you do not need to do more!

Optimize video settings Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

And the most delicious and amazing for many - is the graphics settings in the game, which will be almost at the maximum level! I do not want to take your time reading the explanation of these settings, I just explain this setting need in two words - it's the optimal compatibility settings and graphics for a good game!

The first thing I want to recommend to you is to turn off the visualization of the character in the inventory in the gameplay tab.

The following set all the parameters also like mine - on screenshot. Only the parameter "Screen Scale" make to 100 - I have reduced this parameter up to 90, because it loads the processor and my "iMac" does not cope with its cooling. "Post-processing" should be set according to the level of your computer - minimum for weak, medium for medium and high for top computers. The "Textures" are determined by the memory capacity of the video card - 1GB is the minimum, 2GB is the middle and 4GB is the ultra parameter (very strange, at low settings I had friezes, on ultra i not saw load growth for my PC). And of course make your screen resolution.

Additionally in the settings of the videocard Nvidia control panel, select "Manage 3D settings", go to "Program Settings", select "PUBG" and set the "Anisotropic filtering" parameter to x16. Unfortunately, I can not specify the path of the settings for AMD video cards, because I am the owner of Nvidia. But of course, you can easily do it yourself.

Results of FPS settings PUBG

I also do not recommend running the game in the window, this additionally loads your system. And if for your computer these settings are heavy, try to set a slightly smaller screen resolution.

I hope and believe that my way has helped you to improve FPS and now you can enjoy beautiful graphics and smooth play.

If you have any questions or you know how to do even better, please write in the comments. And do not forget to share this guide with your friends!